Our Faculty/Staff

Faculty and Staff

Stony Mill Elementary Employee List 2023-2024

Administration/Office and Support Staff  Job Title: Email:
 Kimberly Haymore  Principal   [email protected]
 Angela Adams  Assistant Principal  [email protected]
 Sandi Pruitt  Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper  [email protected]
 Kristin Groom  Administrative Assistant  [email protected]
 Heather Scott  Attendance Clerk  [email protected]
 Jennifer Eames  School Nurse  [email protected]
 Lauren Gosnell  Aide  [email protected]
 Gergana Hearp  Aide  [email protected]
 Christy Hicks  EL Specialist  [email protected]
 Elisa Wilkerson  Tutor  [email protected]
 Amy Baynes  Itinerant ITRT  [email protected]
 Teaching Staff    
 Jasmine Altamirano  PreK Wee 3 Teacher  [email protected]
 Angelique Hairston  PreK Wee 3 Teacher Aide  [email protected]
 Stephanie Brande  Pre-K Teacher  [email protected]
 Stacey Keatts  Pre-K Teacher Aide  [email protected]
 Brittany Potter  Pre-K Teacher  [email protected]
 Shakita Walton  Pre-K Teacher Aide  [email protected]
 Kim Gatewood  Pre-K Coordinator  [email protected]
 Sydney Edwards  Kindergarten  [email protected]
 Katie Hines  Kindergarten  [email protected]
 Sharon Sands  Kindergarten  [email protected]
 Pam Bowman  Kindergarten Teacher Aide  [email protected]
 Bethany Dillion  First Grade  [email protected]
 Teri McGhee  First Grade  [email protected]
 Kaye Phillips  First Grade  [email protected]
 Jennifer Brown  Second Grade  [email protected]
 Carli English  Second Grade  [email protected]
 Elizabeth “Beth” Piercy  Second Grade  [email protected]
 Lydia Roberts  Second Grade  [email protected]
 Nicole Root  Second Grade  [email protected]
 Lisa Wilson  Third Grade  [email protected]
 Michelle Tittiris  Third Grade  [email protected]
 Kim Watson  Third Grade  [email protected]
 Stephanie Abbott  Fourth Grade  [email protected]
 Kelly Pruitt  Fourth Grade  [email protected]
 Ryan Reynolds  Fourth Grade  [email protected]
 Jason DeHart  Fifth Grade  [email protected]
 Amy Lovern  Fifth Grade  [email protected]
 Lori Austin  Fifth Grade  [email protected] 
 Exceptional Education Teachers and Support Staff    
 Kami Scruggs   Support Teacher  [email protected]
 Brandi Puryear   Support Teacher  [email protected]
 Juli Odell   Support Teacher  [email protected]
 Hailey Chandler  Support Teacher  [email protected]
 Jacki Hearp  Support Teacher Aide  [email protected]
 Charlotte Bowman  Support Teacher Aide  [email protected]
 Rhonda Owen  Support Teacher Aide  [email protected]
 Caitlin Foster  ESSER Teacher Aide  [email protected] 
 Resource Teachers    
 Amy Mabe  Math Specialist  [email protected]
 Robin Shields  Reading Coordinator  [email protected]
 Heather Cuppelman  Librarian  [email protected]
 Leslie Christian  Music Teacher  [email protected]
 Mike Williams  Guidance  [email protected]
 Malik Gravely  Physical Education  [email protected]
 Tyler Travis  Physical Education  [email protected]
 Wendy Gonzalez  Itinerant Gifted Teacher  [email protected]
 Sarah Barker  Itinerant Speech Therapist  [email protected]
 School Nutrition Staff    
 Kelly Soyars  Manager  [email protected]
 Michelle Underwood  Cafeteria Staff  
 Carolyn Terry  Cafeteria Staff  
 Emilee Hudson  Cafeteria Staff  
 Wanda Baker  Cafeteria Staff  
 Ashley Clark  Cafeteria Staff  
 Custodial Staff    
 Billy Adkins  Head Custodian  
 Christopher Keen  Full-time Custodian  
 Garry Parrish  Part-time Custodian  
 Queen Morrison  Part-time Custodian  
 Pupil Transportation  Bus Number:  
 Charles Burnette  6  
 Lisa McDaniel  20  
 Wanda Love  73  
 James Goggins  75  
 Dorothy Goggins  75 (Aide)  
 Jacki White  22  
 Ervin Dickerson  148  
 Warren Warner  192  
 Donald Powell  222  
 Whitney Burke  238