Cereal Box Domino Challenge

Cereal Box Domino Challenge
Posted on 02/07/2023

The Junior Beta Club of Stony Mill Elementary School just completed a service project on February 3, 2023. They requested that the students bring at least one box of cereal to donate to local food pantries. The goal was to collect 400 boxes. If the goal was met, the school would participate in a Cereal Box Domino Challenge. Well, Stony Mill students surpassed the goal and donated a total of 509 boxes of cereal! Junior Beta students collected the boxes of cereal each morning from classrooms during a two week period. Mrs. Kelly Pruitt’s fourth grade homeroom students donated the most boxes with a total of 79. They will soon celebrate their success with an ice cream sundae party. On February 7, the Junior Beta Club students calculated the number of feet needed and designed a pattern to complete the cereal box domino challenge. Students in grades PreK-5 were able to view the domino challenge. The boxes of cereal collected were donated to God’s Storehouse and House of Hope. This was a wonderful opportunity to have fun while helping our community.


(pictured left to right):  Avery McGhee, Kya Rowland, Anna Dotterer, Liam Nester, Riley Henley, K. Paige Carter

Cover Photo:

God’s Storehouse (pictured left to right):  Rachel McKinney, Jennifer Brown, Stephanie Abbott, David Abbott, Robert Faulkner