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Stony Mill History

Stony Mill began as a one room log building in about 1897. Three brothers, Charlie, Fletcher, and James Hardy, built the school, which enrolled forty-five students and was originally named Hardy School. The Hardy family later gave the land and the school to Pittsylvania County. When the school was destroyed by fire, the county purchased land from a neighboring resident and built a two-room frame building. Today’s building was built as a result of consolidation of schools in 1963.

In 1996, Stony Mill went through a massive renovation and construction program. The school plant now includes twenty-eight classrooms and five mobile units, a gymnasium, a library, technology labs, and a teacher workroom.

The school consists of grades preschool through five, with three to four classes at each grade level.

School Report Card
The Commonwealth of Virginia is committed to providing quality education for all students. This commitment includes keeping parents and the public informed through the School Quality Profiles of the progress of our schools in raising student achievement and enhancing the learning environment. The ratings for Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and school accreditation for specific school year are based on the achievement of students on tests taken during the previous academic year.